Poetry Thursday – Poetry in Grief

Every Thursday I will be sharing one of the poems I wrote whilst in the first year of grief.  It is my hope that in sharing these poems, those that have lost a child will feel less alone.  Those that have not, might understand a little of the pain.

These poems do not reflect where I am right now, but they are testaments along a journey.


They Wait

They wait patiently for her to return,

The laugh, the sparkle

They know it won’t be long now,

She will come back

They tolerate this stranger,

Who wears her clothes,

Who bears her shell,

But who has different eyes

They catch glimpses,

Sometimes she is almost in reach,

But she recedes quickly,

and they are left alone again.

They know time heals

They have heard it so many times

And so they wait

Patiently, for her return

She knows.

She knows they wait in vain

She tries.

She tries to be who they want

But she is gone.

She is with her baby now.

And someone new stands in her wake

Someone else, Someone new

Can you accept this newness?

Or will you continue to wait

For someone that no longer exists?

I created this image as part of "Capture Your Grief 2012".

I created this image as part of “Capture Your Grief 2012”. The topic was “After Loss Self Portrait”

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