And so this is Christmas….

Against all odds, it is December.  Mid-December at that.  The post that I had wanted to write since December first has been sitting on a shelf in my mind – perhaps accompanied by that ubiquitous little elf – whilst the world has spun around me.  The season of festivity.  The season of good will.  The season of busy, busy, busy.

Last year Christmas felt quiet.  There were things that we had previously done each and every year that were left undone.   Things were done that will probably only belong to Christmas 2012.  Each day, I did some small thing for Xavier.  An advent calendar in his memory.  Each day of December I spent time with memories, time with my cherished son.  I dedicated myself to him, to keeping his memory alive.  It seemed the only way I would live through Christmas.

This year is so different.  As if trying to make up for the traditions lost last year, we have immersed ourselves in Christmas.  There has been carolling and Christmas lights.   Decoration and present making.  There has been Christmas shopping at the actual shops (last year it was mostly done online).  There have been Santa photos taken.  Our house is full of singing.  The christmas tree seems more joyful.  Even the place in our house dedicated to Xavier seems a little brighter than last year.

And Xavier himself seems a little further away.   I do not want to repeat the latter months of 2012 – sometimes it is only in reflection that I can appreciate how truly dark those months were.  But, that pain did serve as a connection to Xavier.   The wound was open and weeping and he was there in such a visceral way.  He is still here, but his presence is quieter.  Perhaps overshadowed by the hustle and bustle.  He is in no way forgotten, but at times it feels like in leaving my pain behind, I have left him also.   There are times I imagine a tiny “mummy, what about me?” as I laugh with Elijah on my lap at Isaac singing carols at the top of his lungs.    And I have to remind myself, that Xavier is there – in Elijah’s smiles and Isaac’s giggles.

This Christmas I think of those facing their first December after loss.  It is truly one of the hardest times of the year.  The world around you so seemingly happy and you so sad and lonely.  Those that put on a brave face and continue in Christmas traditions for the sake of their living children – when all they want to do is hide and wake up in January.  Those that said good-bye to their only baby, confused and hurt, looking at “My First Christmas” onesies with tears in their eyes.  Those that have years of memories of Christmases with their child taken too soon – who feel their world shatter once again with each toy ad, every Christmas card, every department store Santa.

My first Christmas without Xavier was tear-stained but connected to him in a way that no other Christmas will be.  Even without him physically here, it truly was Xavier’s first Christmas.   It perhaps belonged to Xavier more than any of us.   If last year was almost exclusively about Xavier, this year is about our family.  Our three boys and each of their places in Christmas traditions.

For Christmas is a time of year when we can reflect on our loved ones – here and far away.   Each Christmas card I have received has acknowledged Xavier and the ones I (eventually!) write in return will also bear his name.  There are three stockings hung in our house – one for each son.  There are baubles and decorations for each of my babies hanging on the tree.  It is not a dedication to Xavier this year, but rather a family Christmas.  And Xavier is and always will be a part of our family.

Some of the ways I remembered Xavier last year.

IMG_3718 IMG_3761 IMG_3778 IMG_3922 IMG_3949

4 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas….

  1. Our first Christmas without David saw me weeping in the doctors office on Christmas Eve, coming clean and admitting anxiety had a hold of me.
    I’ll be thinking of bereaved families facing their first Christmas too Robyna. It’s a very difficult time. x

  2. I couldn’t read all of this… It’s a bit raw still… But I am struggling with the contrast of Xmas 2012 too! When I was 38 weeks pregnant and “just so over it… Just want this baby out…. Oh but please not on Xmas day… That would just be too inconvenient”
    Yuh…. About that. Instead I delivered a stillborn on 9th January.
    For this Xmas I’d like for someone to wrap up my ignorance and sense of happiness with a lovely red bow and put it under the Xmas tree where I seem to have left it 12 months ago.

    I’m pretty sure most major shops and online retailers are all out of such emotions, so instead I’ll revel in the joy of being 20 weeks pregnant and celebrate for the toddler that won’t be tottering around in Xmas paper strawn about the lounge room floor at ungodly hrs of the morning.

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone.

    Ps. I have 3 sons too! Isaac & Elijah and the one on the way is quite possibly Xavier.
    (I have a Samson too, and our darling heaven angel is Rosie May)

    Xxxxx merry Xmas.

    • Rebecca, I am so sorry that Rosie May isn’t in your arms, where she belongs. I hope that the season is being gentle with your heart. I too yearn for an innocence lost. Instead, I have received a deep, deep gratitude for all my children based on the knowledge that life is so much more fragile than I’d ever imagine. Much love this Christmas.

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