Being Brave

I have been working on this blog for a few days now, but I have been unsure as to whether to make it’s presence more widely known.

Whilst writing about loss is cathartic, sharing those thoughts feels a little like standing naked in the school yard.   The internet can be a cruel place of faceless judgement, and whilst you might believe a bereaved parent to be held sacred, that is far from the truth.

Then I remembered the days after Xavier’s death by SIDS.  I would scour the internet in the hopes of finding a story that reflected my own.  I wanted to know that people lived through losing their children.  That people found hope again.  That grief would eventually become gentler.   And I found some of those stories.  And they did help.  They let me know I wasn’t alone.  They prepared me for the path ahead.  I am grateful to those brave parents, who let their fears, dreams and hopes become words that others could grab onto.   If I can count myself amongst their number, then that is enough.

So, with a great big gulp, I am going to plunge in and share my story with the world.

4 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Robyna, as always I loved your beautiful words. Thank you for sharing your most private thoughts and feelings in the hope of helping others – I’ve always greatly admired you and N for showing such grace and compassion, even at the most raw and terrible stage of your own grief. You’ve all survived such a terrible loss but I hope in the writing of your new blog, remembering Xavier, and the joy Elijah brings you all that day by day, the sadness lessens.
    Much love, Michelle, J, Finn & Rory xxx

  2. I lost my daughter to SIDS. Your son is so handsome. I also had 3 of a kind.. 3 girls; two here on earth and one now in heaven.

  3. Hi i have been following your story about your son -its very nice how you put such a sensitive story into lovley words- you may not know me but my aunty is Tammy Carmichael.

    Sorry for your loss and thankyou for sharing such a sad and sensituve story…

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